What to bring to the field

Your child will receive a team t-shirt but we recommend you provide the following;


  • Sneakers or cleats for better traction

  • Shorts or comfortable sweat pants

  • Personalized water bottle

About the OAFF

What you need to know

Our program will begin with an orientation session that will focus on the fundmental skills of passing, catching and route running.  At the same time coaches will evaluate the children so that we can create teams of equal skills and ability.


Teams will be comprised of 7 players with substitutes.  The children will learn both defensive and offensive techniques and strategies.


Each team will play two 20 minute matches on eight consective Sundays.  The final Sunday (Championship Sunday) will feature our Championship round. 


5 on 5 Flag Football Rules Team: A team consists of 5 players.




1. Shirts and jerseys MUST be tucked in so they do not interfere with the flag.


2. No metal spikes or jewellery.


3. The game will consist of two 10 minute halves (running time).


4. There will be no kickoffs. All play starts from the designated line of scrimmage.


5. Coin toss winner picks “start on offense” or “start on defense”. The other team then picks the goal they wish to defend.


6. Dead balls:


  • The ball carrier falls to ground.

  • The ball carrier loses flag. It is then 1 hand touch on ball carrier.

  • Incomplete pass

  • Ball carrier goes out of bounds.

  • A fumble is a dead ball. The opponent cannot recover a fumble.

  • Snap hits the ground.

  • A snap hitting the ground in the end zone is a safety.


7. Scoring: Touchdown 6 points Extra point (3 yd line) 1 point Extra point (10 yd line) 2 points Safety 2 points The extra point try can be run back by the defense for 2 points.


8. Offense: 25 seconds to put the ball in play No 3 or 4 point stances by either team. The ball must be centered between legs. At least 4 players must be on line of scrimmage. All players are eligible for a pass. Only 1 forward pass per play. One foot down in bounds = completion. No diving, but jumping to avoid a defender is ok. No mercy rule.


9. Punts must be announced. There are no fake punts. No offensive player may go downfield until the ball is kicked. Defense must have 4 players on the line until ball is kicked.


10. Blocking: Offense may extend arms in front of them, but not out to sides. Defense must go around defender. If they use hands/arms or go through the defender, it is a penalty.


11. Overtime: Winner has choice to go 1st or 2nd. Each team has 4 plays to score from the 20 yard line. After a score, an extra point will be attempted. Beginning with the second overtime, teams must go for 2 points. Penalties: 5 yard penalties Flag guarding or stiff arm. Delay of game 10 yard penalties Bull rush Tackling or tripping the ball carrier (even if unintentional) Pass interference



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